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Get involved in our IICA Barbados Youth Farm Program

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You can help to build up our young farmers

The IICA Delegation in Barbados recognizes that we need to continuously encourage and train young people in the agriculture sector to increase national food security. The Youth Farm Program provides our youth with an empowering environment where they can explore careers in agriculture and gain the skills they need to start a small business.

Our goals are to increase the number of young people that choose a career in agriculture, and to enhance their skills by teaching them how to use low cost agro-technologies to produce food and earn an income on leaving school. Curious to find out more about us and how you can get involved? Browse our website and get in touch with us today.

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National and Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (N/CVQs)

Get trained, certified and work ready!

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Livestock Rearing

NVQ Livestock Rearing Level I



CVQ Aquaculture Grow Out Operations Level I


Crop Production

CVQ Crop Production Level I

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Poultry Production

NVQ General Poultry Production Level II

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The Countdown is on for Youth Farm 2024!
(8 Jul - 30 Aug)

This year, our Youth Farm candidates are in for a special treat as we have plans to introduce some really cool technology into our training program. We gave our potential candidates a sneak peak at Agrofest where we showcased our brand new Farmbot called Charlie, and we also got all of our visitors enchanted with our virtual reality (VR) experience where they got a chance to live the day in the life of a bee.  Last year we introduced a new NVQ in Poultry Production Level II and our pilot candidates are now richer for it.  Gale's Agro Products is partnering with IICA this year to give our poultry production candidates an invaluable learning experience.

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Step 1: Youth Farm. Step 2: Future Farmers.

A 2019 tracer study on the Youth Farm Program conducted by a team from Mc Gill University showed that many of our Youth Farm candidates did not remain in the agrifood sector on gaining their certification.  Our Youth Farm graduates have problems with access to land, finances, and technical guidance to start their own businesses.  IICA has established a Future Farmers program in collaboration with the Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust to assist in addressing some of the challenges identified in the study. Check out Future Farmers at

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The IICA N/CVQ Centre uses E-Portfolios

IICA has the best trainers and assessors who are experts in their fields. Our team of trainers and assessors is capable of doing assessments online and in the field. We advise our Youth Farm candidates to acquire access to a device that can facilitate video calls and preparation of their online portfolios.  Also, be prepared to take lots of selfies and short videos to show off your awesome new skills.  We will add these to your e-portfolios as evidence that you are an ace livestock, crop or aquaculture farmer.
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